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Mily Mumford Distractingly Sexy Vancouver Fringe 2017

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In Short: Like if Ms. Frizzle had dance moves, like if Bill Nye had nice boobs- Join real life scientist (and writer/performer) Mily Mumford for an interactive ultra-funny, quite-satirical, certainly-wild and pretty-darn-sexy history of women in science (and how they have been f%$#ed over for centuries). Directed by Cheyenne Mabberley of The After After Party (Pick of the Fringe Vancouver 2016).


From the fearless team that brought you The After After Party (Pick of the Fringe, 2016) and the writer of Love is for Superbeasts (Vancouver Fringe 2015) comes a science experiment of satirical (controlled) chaos about the long lost history of the “ladies of the lab” and a personal look inside the life of a female scientist who is pretty good looking most of the time.

Friday, September 8th - 5:00pm Sunday, September 10th - 8:15pm Thursday, September 14th - 6:45pm Friday, September 15th - 8:35pm Saturday, September 16th - 2:45pm

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